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The Way We Do Business

Changing financial advisor, or working with one for the first time, can be daunting.  It requires overcoming inertia.  And while the advisor-client relationship is fundamentally a business one, personal rapport is important too. People have different values, needs, and communications styles, and it’s important to find a financial advisor who is a good match for your personality and temperament.   Our approach with prospective clients is based on a 3-step process:

Step 1

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Discovery Meeting

Once you contact us, we’ll set up an initial meeting with one of our principals to examine your current situation.  We’ll ask many questions in this meeting and recommend that you bring copies of your relevant account statements and tax returns, to inform the discussion.  At the end of this meeting (generally about an hour), we want to understand not just your financial topography, but also your personal values and unique objectives and constraints.     

Step 2

Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

A couple weeks after the discovery meeting, we will meet with you again to present our review of your situation and our customized recommendations for your portfolio—known as your Investment Policy Statement (IPS).  

At the end of this meeting, we want you to take these materials home and think things through for a few days.

Your IPS is a road map for our journey together, and lays out:

  • Investment goals and values
  • Investing time horizon(s)
  • Risk tolerance
  • Income needs and/or return objectives
  • Special considerations or constraints relevant to your portfolio
  • Recommended target asset allocation

Step 3

step 3 in financial plan, discussion, bristlecone value partners, los angeles ca, financial advisor

Discussion & Questions

About a week later, we’ll follow up with one more meeting to answer any remaining questions and come to a mutual decision about whether Bristlecone’s management would add value to your situation.  When you are ready to proceed, we’ll have you execute and sign all the documents necessary to put your investment plan into motion.  

Contact us to get started on the right path.